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Keny Tanz Trading Limited took over the operations of Kensil Limited ( founded 1992 ) and has been a market leader in providing world class fire fighting services and solutions. With a team of engineers with over 25 years of experience, Keny Tanz Trading has been synonymous for fire and safety.

By comprehending the requirements to provide multiple fire safety solutions, we became specialized by providing a complete range of UL / FM approved fire fighting equipment, fire detection systems, fire hose reel & hydrant systems, fire and safety signs, cabinets and pressure testing of fire equipment. Keny Tanz is also Bureau Veritas certified to service and maintain fire equipment on board ships.

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Fire & Safety Solutions

Complete range of portable fire equipment.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire suppression system are used to extinguish, control or in some cases entirely prevent fire from spreading or occurring.

Fire Suppression System

Highly visible fire safety signs are essential to keep your staff trained, visitors safe & minimize risk in the event of a fire.

Fire Safety Signs

Fire alarm technology is the initial and most crucial fire  detection system. Keny Tanz provides the most modern fire alarm detection system.

Fire Alarm Systems

Protecting Lives Has Always Been Our Top Priority

Keny Tanz offers a comprehensive range of fire safety services and protection systems. Coupled with extensive experience, we serve the entire business spectrum. Keny Tanz’s holistic approach ensures tailor made solutions. Keny Tanz is Kenya’s leading fire safety provider offering over 100 products at very competitive prices

After sales service is an integral component of our ethos and this all in line with our vision and mission makes Keny Tanz your first choice for FIRE SAFETY & SOLUTIONS!!

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Leaders in Fire Protection

Market Leader

Keny Tanz is a one stop service mainstay providing our clients with a holistic solution to all fire fighting requirements. Our engineers have over 25 years of expertise and coupled with our full spectrum of products make our company a market leader.


Keny Tanz has always been at the forefront of providing the latest fire solutions and innovations.

Solutions / Services

Keny Tanz is synonymous with fire safety and security. Keny Tanz provides a comprehensive range of all fire equipment services and products including portable fire equipment, hose reel & hydrant systems, fire protection systems, sprinkler systems, safety signs , inert gas systems and training.

Serving Over 700 Clients

Keny Tanz provides world class services to over 700 clients varying over all sectors. Major industries, education sector, hospitals, hotels & lodges, supermarkets, residential buildings are all protected by our expertise.




Commercial Space


Residentials & Building


Years of Experience

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Fire Equipment

Dry Powder, CO2, Wheeled Trolleys, Foam Based, Water Based, Automatic & Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers
Screw & Flange Type Fire Hydrants, 2 Way / 3 Way / 4 Way Fire Brigade Inlet, Stand Pipes – Single & Double Outlet, Stand Key & Bar
Fire Suppression Systems are used to extinguish, control or in some cases entirely prevent fires from spreading or occurring.
Break Glass Key Unit, Safety Straps, Fireman’s Axe, Fireman’s Suit Complete, Fire Buckets, Fire Cradle Siren, Wall Mounted Fire Siren, Signage, Evacuation Plans
Swinging Hose Reels, Jet & Spray Nozzles, Hose Reel Tubing, Hose Reel Cabinets
Upright & Pendent Sprinklers
Flame Proof Fire Blanket Sizes available.
Delivery Hoses – Canvas & Rubber Lined Hoses, Male & Female Couplings, Hand Held Branch Pipes, Hose Cabinets
Designated for installation inside inaccessible and highly sensitive areas. Rapid Reaction Time – Minimal Environmental Damage – No Accidental Discharge through disruption of the fire detector – Not affected by Vibration or Shocks – Quick & Simple Installation – Low & High Pressure Applications
Fire Alarm Panel, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Manual Call Point, Beacon Sounders with Flasher